Arduino LCD Shield and LCB Board


The main purpose of the developing it, get easy to use LCD Displays without a breadboard circuit.
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Designed for who want to use LCD Displays easily and who don't want to use LCD Displays with primitive methods.

16 PIN DISPLAY Support

LCD Shield & Board has 16 pin support for LCD Character Displays. You can use easily lcd's with one  action. 

I2C Dısplay Support

For embedded I2C Displays has 4 pins on the circuit. You can use easily I2C Displays with LCD Shield too.


Use Dısplays wıth module

​If you want to use displays with fewer pins you can use Displays with I2C Module. 

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​Until we have designing LCD Shield you had to deal with trimpot, resistors and a lot of connections to Arduino. With Circle LCD Shield all you need to do attach to the on Arduino it.
Now you don't need to waste your time to set up breadboard circuit for the using LCD Displays.


The Circle Electronic

Arduino LCD Shield

20x4 and 16x2 LCD Displays

Embedded I2C module displays

Special slot for displays that using with I2C module

I2C Module