What is NOOB Series?

NOOB Series, creates solutions for those who are new to the maker world. You can learn coding and make beginner projects with NOOB Series products. You can use these products with Arduino and as well as other platforms. Learning to code with NOOB Series is now easy.


Best Friend for Kids

We support children with our products to learn coding

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Learn to code parking sensor with Circle Electronic NOOB Series Parking Sensor. Detect the obstacles with coding. Show the distance with buzzer and leds. 

Make the K.I.T.T famous Led animation with Circle Electronic NOOB Series Knight Rider. You can code Leds and play Knigh Rider music with buzzer on Arduino.


Make the cars rear turn signal lights with this circuit. Learn how to use 2x Shift Register in single project.


Learn to play with Arduino with Ledring. Code 19 LEDs and 1 button to make a game with them. The funniest way to learn coding!


Learn to code Up-Down Counter with Arduino. Accept the challenges and code the circuit.

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Don't deal with breadboards. NOOB Series Products save you from these breaboards.

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