PLC Display


World cheapest PLC Display

Arduino NANO 


Design your PLC Screen with Arduino Nano. You can have a cheap screen for your PLC and also have a the opportunity to use modules made for Arduino. 

Make your PLC work together

with Arduino circuit.

Arduino IDE Platform

Code your display with Arduino IDE Platform.

Arduino NANO powered PLC I/O User Interface can be code on Arduino IDE.

Use All Arduino IDE Libraries for Circle Electronic Industrial PLC I/O User Interface Product.

4 Outputs, 2 Inputs. Send and get data. You can send 4 different data to PLC. You can use also binary method to configuration. 

You can use this product as a user interface.  

Create Menu

Create Menu using Arduino IDE.

You can see how it can do in coding part.

There is too many options to create menu:

Single Menu

Single Menu and Sub Menu

Single Menu and Sub Menu and Sub Sub Menu

Actually there is no limit to add sub menu to this product.

Set the output voltage yourself

You can set the output voltage with 7805 voltage regulator up to 35v. PLC's usually works with 24v but some PLC's uses 12v. You can set the output voltage.

*min 7v

7805 gives power to the Arduino and other components. LCD Display, buzzer, relays get them power from the regulator.

3D Printed Rotary Encoder Knob

On the back side of PLC Display there is empty area for breadboard for make your projects with Arduino

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