Arduino LCD Shield & Board

Hello everyone. Most popular screen component is LCD's in maker universe. We are using LCD's as a entering, reading parameters, setting configuration and much like this acts.

But sometimes setting up breadboard circuit for using LCD's can be really exhausting and annoying. Dealing with this breadboard circuit may disappear all the enthusiasm to complete the rest of the project. For protect your creativity we have developed LCD Shield & Board as a Circle Electronic.

​Until we have designing LCD Shield you had to deal with trimpot, resistors and a lot of connections to Arduino. With Circle LCD Shield all you need to do attach to the on Arduino it. Now you don't need to waste your time to set up breadboard circuit for the using LCD Displays.

The main purpose of the developing it, get easy to use LCD Displays without a breadboard circuit.

Designed for who want to use LCD Displays easily and who don't want to use LCD Displays with primitive methods.

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