Arduino On Off Button and Coin Cell Power Supply

On&Off Button and 6v Coin Cell Batteries Power Supply for Arduino Nano by Circle Electronic

Hello Everyone!

We will make Arduino On Off Button and Coin Cell Power Supply for Arduino in this Project. You can learn to design PCB in this project.

How is works On Off Button?

As you can see we have 2 button in this project. On button is connected to thyristor gate pin. If get voltage to the Thyristor gate pin, Thyristor will transmit the energy to the arduino. Stop to transmitting we need to stop the current of the Arduino Connection. For to do this, we are using bc817 transistor. If press the stop button, the current to the base pin of the transistor will stop and transistor cut off thyristor transaction.

You can watch our YouTube videos about this project. You can learn everything from that video and you can order pcb. We have showed, how we designed this pcb also.

PCBway Project:

EasyEDA Project:

Digikey components:


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