How to make Arduino Wash Timer?

Nowadays, we must wash our hands very well for our health. Experts recommend washing our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. We made a wash timer with Arduino to show us this time period.



#include <LiquidCrystal.h> LiquidCrystal lcd(12,11,5,4,3,2); #define trigpin 8 #define echopin 9 int range; int time; byte tap[8] = { B11100, B01000, B11100, B00100, B00010, B01100, B00010, B00100 }; byte status[8] = { B11111, B11111, B11111, B11111, B11111, B11111, B11111, B11111 }; byte okey[8] = { B01110, B01010, B01110, B00000, B00000, B01010, B01100, B01010 }; void setup(){ pinMode(trigpin, OUTPUT); pinMode(echopin, INPUT); lcd.createChar(0, tap); lcd.createChar(1, status); lcd.createChar(2, okey); lcd.begin(16,2); lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Show Your Hands"); lcd.setCursor(3,1); lcd.print("For Start"); } void loop(){ digitalWrite(trigpin, HIGH); delayMicroseconds(1000); digitalWrite(trigpin, LOW); time = pulseIn(echopin, HIGH); range = (time/2) / 28.3; if(range>=10&&range<=30){ Rubbing(); } } void Rubbing(){ lcd.clear(); lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.write(byte(0)); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.write("Keep Rub Ur Hand"); for(int i=1; i<=14 ; i++){ lcd.setCursor(i,0); lcd.write(byte(1)); delay(1430); } lcd.setCursor(15,0); lcd.write(byte(2)); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.write(" Good Job! "); delay(10000); lcd.setCursor(0,0); lcd.print("Show Your Hands"); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print(" For Start "); }

LCD Custom Character Generator

We are using custom characters in this project. You can generate characters here.

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