Arduino LCD Board. An board that give you ability use your character displays to easily use. 

It has 3 features:


-Easily use without breadboard circuit 20x4 and 16x2 etc. displays. Just attach your displays to the 16x1 female headers and start using.


-Directly connections for I2C Displays also.


-Use your displays with I2C module.


Product page

LCD Display Board

SKU: 124002

    -Embedded 10K Trimpot

    -220 Ohm Resistor for LCD Display led

    -8x1 LCD Pins

    -2x(16x1) LCD Display Female Headers (1 of them for using your LCD display with I2C module)

    -16x1 Female Header for I2C Module

    -1x4 Embedded I2C Display Female Header 

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