Circle Noob Series Parking Sensor

​A great start for who is the beginner to write codes.

Every beginner learns to code parking sensor in first steps. If you have passion for code to parking sensor and you don't have time to build circuit for it, this product exactly for you.


It has 8 Led controlled with 74hc595 Shıft Register.

With buzzer you can add your project voice effect.


*It needs to work HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor


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Parking Sensor

SKU: 124003
$7.99 Regular Price
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    • Easy to use for kids and beginners
    • HC-SR04 Sensor Support
    • 74hc595 Shift Register 
    • 3 Green 3 Yellow 2 Red Leds
    • Buzzer for distance feedback

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